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I’m happy to discuss honest reviews of books and products, an exchange of guest blogs or links, feature articles for online and print media, podcasts, and other projects.

Presumably you do not work for free. You will appreciate my time is also valuable.

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What you need to know

What do I write about?

Travelling and travelling solo, places and people, cooking and shopping for bargains, hacks to make life on the road and elsewhere easier. I write about health, well-being and community as that’s my background. Animals and their welfare, and travel with a pet. Wildlife! Geocaching. I also write on topics of interest to women, such as bras that are designed for outdoor play.

Who are my readers?

Time will tell. My audience is likely to be singles and couples who travel for pleasure, or out of a genuine interest in the world. Those who cannot travel but would like to do so. Crazy cat ladies (and blokes). Anyone who wants to streamline a cluttered life. People who don’t merely exist, but want to live. Vicariously. Precariously. Or get down and dirty in the mud.

Let’s toss around some ideas