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Ants in your amps

If you live on the road or in the suburbs, the ants will come. A single drop of rain the night before and the ants are on the march. I’m fascinated by these wee beasties and have a nice book on ants. That doesn’t mean I want to share my bed with them.

This morning was a cleaning session and I discovered ants in the high cupboard where I keep my linen. I pulled everything out and took a closer look. Most modern campers, caravans and motorhomes have external speakers so you can blast your neighbours out of their peaceful outdoorsy experience. Actually, I’ve never used the outside speakers. But the ants have.

Back inside I unscrewed the speaker covers in the cupboards. Then sprayed and removed the corpses. Before replacing the covers, I wiped them out with insecticide. If you’re allergic to this nasty stuff, try a natural spray. I cleaned out the shelves and replaced the clean towels and sheets. Other places the ants can get in are windows, vents and under peeling trim.

My top tip is to examine the outside of your camper for ants raiding an opening. Or move to another planet.